Tom Hanks asked why Tim Allen was not asked to give Lightyear voice, what was the reason behind this.

When the announcement about the film was made, people there thought we would voice Allen's character. They knew Chris Evas was here.

Evas said that the film is not about casting someone to escape, but is based on a real-life astronaut

The film was considered to be on the basis of toys, but the toy universe was considered in it.

Allen and Hesk became friends in 1995, as they both lent their voices to the first Toy Story film that year

There is a theory in this film that is going to bother Woody a lot in Toy Story 3. In this you can change all the ways.

Hex or say, he's going to see a movie with Alan, and he's overjoyed today.

The reason behind making this movie is to clarify to Alan Hex the astronauts.